The Fall Shop is Open

This holiday season is way different than in previous years. Still, instead of wasting energy complaining about 2020, I choose to focus on the positive, such as: wow, I finally had time for introspection, achieved some professional goals, my parenting techniques improved a bit, and I launched a business, Héloïse!

After successfully opening my Etsy shop over the summer, I realized that I wanted to have more control over the product presentation and overall branding, so having my e-commerce site was the next logical step. Starting today, you can shop for the latest styles right here at No, that is not a typo; the URL is not a “dot com” but a “dot jewelry,” which is terrific, right? I hope you enjoy navigating it, browsing, and knowing about the handmade items that I make. Please check it out, and let me know your thoughts.

To celebrate this milestone and officially dive into the world of e-commerce, I am offering free shipping on all orders placed within The United States (including Alaska and Hawaii) and complimentary international shipping to orders of $75 or more from:

  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • Europe

Both offers will run through December 1, 2020.

Thank you for reading all the way and for supporting indie businesses like mine. Happy Thanksgiving, and happy shopping!

Lynn from Héloïse

Lynn from Héloïse

Lynn is a maker, a designer, and a dreamer. She is the hands and brain behind Héloïse, a lifestyle brand that she launched in 2020 to explore her love for making things by hand. Whenever she's not pressing clay, sewing or learning a new craft, she can be found glued to her laptop—she's a senior product designer at Disney and co-owner of Studio WAC, a UX and branding agency she operates with her husband.

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