Minimalist Cylinder Necklace

One-of-a-kind necklace made by hand using professional polymer clay and fired at low temperatures. Due to its handmade nature, this statement piece is unique in shape and texture—the beads are perfectly imperfect—as I did not use readymade cutters.

The main bead is a skinny cylinder in black; the clasp is a polymer clay button. This piece is not adjustable in length. For more details and caring instructions, read below.


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Héloïse necklaces are lightweight and comfortable to wear all day. I consider every aspect of each piece, the sides, the back, the type of knot, the material.


  • HANDMADE ➝ Yes
  • MATERIALS ➝ Polymer clay and black leather cord
  • DIMENSIONS ➝  21.5 inches open, the black skinny bead is 3.25 x 0.25 inches. The leather cord 0.125 inches in diameter. This piece is not adjustable in length.
  • SKU ➝ H64

CARING INSTRUCTIONS ➝ Polymer clay is fade-resistant and waterproof. Although the material is durable, it does not mean it is indestructible, so please be careful not to drop or place the necklace in pockets or purses. To store, I suggest keeping necklaces in a container to avoid scratches from nearby sharp objects. To clean, you can carefully wipe beads gently with a moist soft fabric.

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