Big Shopping Week Ahead!

Friends, as you know, the biggest shopping week of the year is here. I urge you to support indie makers, creative entrepreneurs, small businesses, and any tiny dream or startup venture you may know of.

Your holiday shopping list does not have to come from large online retailers or big box stores. In fact, there is a wealth of talented people around you, and I assure you that if you look at your contacts or the network of people you follow, you’ll find great gifts made by small teams.

I, for instance, am offering free shipping on all orders placed within The United States (including Alaska and Hawaii) and complimentary international shipping to orders over $75 from Canada, Mexico, and Europe. Both offers will run through December 1, 2020, on

But if you are looking for holiday gifts that are above and beyond, I put together a list of my favorite entrepreneurs of the season. I invite you to visit their shops, learn about their designs and offerings, and most importantly, support by investing in their products!

Awesome list, right? Make sure to like, follow, share, and shop!

The best part is that every one of these indie businesses is made possible by people who are always adapting to new technologies, creating new products, and are constantly challenging online consumer habits.

Enjoy the holidays safely, and thank you always for your support!

Lynn from Héloïse

Lynn from Héloïse

Lynn is the hands and brain behind Héloïse, a lifestyle brand that she launched in 2020 to explore her love for making things by hand. Whenever she's not pressing clay, sewing her capsule wardrobe or learning a new craft, she can be found glued to a laptop making digital products. She is a Design Partner at Studio WAC, where she gets to make websites and apps for clients worldwide, and a Sr. Product Designer at Disney, where she designs delightful user interfaces and digital products that bring magic to life!

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