To be honest, Héloïse started from boredom; I needed something to do. As a graphic designer, I knew that I needed to rest my eyes away from the computer, but I still needed something to do with my hands to let my creative energy out.

In the beginning, I made these pieces for personal wear, but then I started to think about taking this project to the next level and decided to create pieces for others to wear.

I make everything by hand, and like many businesses, I work in a small kitchen with minimal tools but with much energy. My design process is simple: I begin by sketching some ideas out, and then I move onto manipulating the material, conditioning the clay, and adding texture.

Each of the pieces sold here is made by hand using professional polymer clay and fired at low temperatures. Due to its handmade nature, every piece is unique in shape and texture—they are imperfect—and I do not use readymade cutters. I consider the back of the earrings as much as the front, and I even add texture!

What you see here is more than earrings. These are statement pieces made by hand.

Héloïse pieces are unapologetic, loud, and vibrant. Are you too?